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PACEBRACE consists of a chest band and arm cuff. The arm cuff is positioned above the elbow and is connected to the chest band with an adjustable strap. The strap can be tightened early post op and during sleep for limited mobility. The strap can be let out during the day to restrict extreme movements yet allow near normal use of arm and hand. An optional wrist cuff can be used for extra security.


Bands, cuffs, and straps are made of polyurethane, polyester and nylon. Hand wash with mild detergent in warm water and air dry.


  • Small fits up to 36"
  • Medium fits up to 48"
  • Large fits up to 60"

Watch the PACEBRACE Introduction Video


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Figure 1:

  • Have the short end of chest band in front.
  • Place the arm cuff above the elbow and secure with Velcro.
  • Leave the cuff loose so it can slide on arm.
  • Take the long piece around back and secure in front with Velcro on short end.

Figure 2: Limited Mode - To be worn most of the time.

  • Pull adjustable strap away from chest band to release Velcro and move elbow away from side.
  • Secure strap onto chest band.
  • Demonstrate acceptable arm and shoulder motion.

Figure 3: Fixed Mode - To be worn early post op if directed by physician.

  • To lock elbow to side, pull adjustable strap from chest band to release Velcro and pull arm to side.
  • Secure strap onto chest band.
  • Place cuff on wrist and secure Velcro onto chest band.

Figure 4 - To remove and put back on:

  • Release the wrist cuff if attached.
  • Release the adjustable strap and pull elbow to side.
  • Secure strap with Velcro.
  • Release chest band in front.
  • Slide cuff down arm to remove.
  • To put back on -- put arm through cuff loop and slide above elbow.
  • Repeat above steps.

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